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Our underground home, which has burned down.

This is a picture of our underground

home from the front.


*Our beautiful home burned down due to an electrical fire several years ago.*

My Father bought me my first Cocker Spaniel
when I was 3 - 4 years old.
Butch was a buff cocker spaniel.
My brother, who is just a year younger than I am, chewed on his ears.
Butch lost an eye when he was about 6 months old.
The veterinarian sewed the lid shut.

He lived to be more than 20 years old, and he never ate dog food,
only food scraps and he was never vaccinated.

This view was taken from our goldfish pond looking

toward the house. There is a waterfall that trickles into

the pond and a deck to the left.

After I was married, I wanted another cocker

but my husband was not really impressed by them.
He conceded to my buying one when we had been married about 10 years.

I bought a red/white parti cocker for $40.

She was the prettiest cocker I had ever seen!
I did not know they came in that color, I had only seen buff, black

and red cocker spaniels.

She lived to be 9 years old and died of Lyme's Disease.
It was difficult to diagnose in those days.

This deck is at the same level as the house.

My husband made the grill.

In 1999 I decided I wanted one of those cockers

I had seen on TV at a dog show.
I fell in love with the beautiful eye expression and flowing hair.
I had no idea what it took to groom that hair!
I began looking.

I traveled my state but none that I saw looked like that.

I saw an ad in Dog World and called the phone number.
The lady was very friendly and lived in northern Arkansas.

I thought I wanted a brown and white.

She did not have any at that time but was expecting a litter that
might have some brown/white but she had a 5-month-old black/white female.
I said, “ but I don't want a black/white.”
She told me she was beautiful. I asked if she had ticking. She said, “Yes.”
I told her I did not like ticking.

She allowed me to see her and told me

I could take her home and try her out. When I saw her,

I fell in love with her.

Lacee was my foundation female.

As you walk up the hill from my house on

this driveway, you can see our shop/barn in the middle of the picture.


I also saw a brown male cocker spaniel in a yard while I was
visiting my sister in southern Arkansas.
My sister introduced me to the owner, Cindy Caldwell.
I bought a brown/tan female puppy from her.
She told me she was going to show cocker spaniels.
I had not thought about it but decided to go to a North Arkansas AKC Dog Show.
I wandered around wondering what was going on.
I met some other cocker people.
Cindy called me and asked if I would like to co-own and show a brown/tan male.
I said, “Sure.”

We then bought a brown/white tri color female,
a buff female puppy and a 1-year-old black female.
We finished the championship of the black female first.
Actually, Joe Payne handled her to her American Championship.

We traveled to San Antonio, Texas to the Summer National Cocker Spaniel Specialty.
There were HUNDREDS of cocker spaniels in every color and size.
I had so much fun! I was hooked!

Tony Caldwell, Cindy and I traveled to area dog shows and learned a lot.
I am so grateful to Cindy for her enthusiasm

and for introducing me to this hobby..

This gazebo was built by my husband

from cedar trees that grew on our property.
There is a creek that flows just behind the gazebo.

I attended dog shows with my friend from the same area of Arkansas that I live.

My friends Dena Klenc, Toni Buendtner, and I had so much fun traveling, talking dogs,
grooming dogs and just being friends.  Dena brought great joy to me.
She loves her dogs and takes excellent care of them.
Her husband John is wonderful to help her with the dogs.
He loves them ALMOST as much as Dena does.

I met Toni because she was looking for a red/white male.
I had 2 litters, one was my first show litter and the other turned out to be a pet quality litter.
I was selling the red/white in the pet liter.
He had an overbite and I was neutering him, then placing him in a pet home.
She came to my house to see the puppies.
I made the mistake of having both litters in a bedroom.
When she saw the red/white male in the show litter, she pointed to him and said,

“ I want him!”
I said, “You can't have him. He is going to a show home.”
She said, “But he is the one I want.” I said,” I am sorry.”
Toni left.

In a few days, she called me back and said,
“I am on my way to your house to see that puppy again.” I thought, “ This lady is crazy!”

She bugged me for the next few months.
I told her she could buy the male if she would maintain his coat and let me show him.
She agreed. I took him to his first show.
I was to show him and his sister. Toni had to help me.

The rest is history. She was hooked too!

This is the view of our underground house from the back.
Yes, we mow our roof!

As of February 2010

Dena Klenc now owns her own grooming salon in
northern Arkansas

and no longer travels with us, but she remains a very dear friend.

I have met many more friends along the way.
Lisa Bowers of Bow-K's Cockers is a very dear friend.
We have gone to many shows and have co-bred litters of puppies.

Renee Guidry is a wonderful friend and I absolutely love spending time with her as well as
Mrs. Bobbie Street and Grances Kimble.
We have laughed so hard that our sides have hurt.

These Louisiana friends are joined by Jamey, Bea, Jimmy and Megan Pruitt.
I have spent many hours watching the kids roll in the grass
with the dogs from veterans to the puppies.
Bea and I like the same type of dog.

I also have met many others:
Carrie Crippin, Ginger Foreman and her friend, Paula, Darrin,
(yes, he is a Yorkie person...but I forgive him for that! LOL!),
and Mary Napper, Jim Fehring, James Pruitt

(LOVES his furry friends! (Probably more than most people) and his family.

I have shared a room at ASC functions with Bonnie Halliday from Canada.
We "Oldies" have a GREAT time together!

I love the handler who has finished most of my dogs, Joe Payne.  He is unique!

Per Rismyhr has handled my dogs presenting them to perfection!
Jeff Wright has handled a dog for me. He did a fantastic job!
BUT I really appreciate his expertise in getting my bitches in whelp!
Lisa Bowers showed many of my babies to absolute PERFECTION!


And a little more information..

I live on 50 beautiful acres in rural Arkansas and our home is underground.
My husband and I subcontracted and built it ourselves.

He has landscaped the yard.
He has built a gazebo, 2 decks, a fishpond with a waterfall and fountain,
arbors and many flower beds.

I have 100 foot long outside runs for the dogs I am not showing.

The dogs in coat and young dogs stay in an inside kennel.

My pregnant females and females with pups stay in my house.

And that's enough for now..

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